To build and push a Docker image with tags, you can use the docker build and docker push commands. In this article I am showing how to build and push a Docker image with tags to Docker image registry.

I fou you want to zip whole file zip program in Linux systems - it's pretty straightforward. Let's take a look how to do it.

I would not like to advertise a foreign service here, but I will post a short development bootstrap for setting up your local environment with Stripe and Docker.

Add valid permissions on .ssh folder and key files in *nix systems. To enable Linux/BSD systems to correctly work with you `ssh` keys - you need to set valid permissions for that files.

Burning some data to DVD disc is quite easy. Today it should seems like ancient knowledge, but it can handy if you get to situation where other posibilities are not an option.

Did you have some experience with some programming language that you always wish to play with? One of that languages for me is Lua. I've played with it many times. This is my notes to refresh knowledge after while.

Containerization is one of today must have knowledge for all developers. I've prepared this brief intro to my personal playground, so you can join me and get containerized.

This describes my short MySQL script that I am using to create new database and database user will all permissions granted.

Created by Martin Krizan (2024)